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[audio][ffs80] Pi and Antihuman: Houston, Mamy Problem - Undead Music - Nuclear Frost - Pi and Antihuman
One release number for three EP's of collaboration between Pi and Antihuman.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 1,687
[audio][ffs97] Yb / Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Yb; Breakdancing Ronald Reagan
Noise collaboration. One long track for antimusic listeners.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 1,049
[audio][ffs142] soundZcapa - noise for children - soundZcapa
Our friend from hungary attacks again, this time with some abstract noise sounds.
Keywords: abstract; noise
Downloads: 523
[audio][ffs79] BRR - May - Breakdancing Ronald Reagan
BRR aka Breakdancing Ronald Reagan is a noise project from Texas.
Keywords: Noise; Lo-fi
Downloads: 14,479
[audio][ffs94] Raperies (Like Draperies) - I. Or. What. That. - Raperies (Like Draperies)
From the artist: The following is an exploration in language, pure and simple. Not the meaning behind language, but the words themself. How words look, how words sound, how they affect our lives. Half the tracks have been influenced by works of absurdist theatre and the other half by bits and pieces of the english language I have found lying around. Either way, it'll make your ears bleed.
Keywords: Harsh noise; Power electronics
Downloads: 16,823
[audio][ffs86] Pi - Energy Of Sound - Pi
Pure energy of sound.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 3,835
[audio][ffs145] Animal Machine - Nautilus - Animal Machine
Keywords: noise
Downloads: 554
[audio][ffs138] RedSK - Painful Lacerations - RedSK
Harsh pedal and digital delay noise made by RedSK in the Summer of 2006. Forgotten about until Winter of 2008. Will probably only be listened to half way through. Lots of high pitches and sonic trash screeches. http://myspace.com/redsknoise http://last.fm/music/RedSK http://last.fm/music/RedSK/Painful+Lacerations
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 2,944
[audio][ffs98] Yb - Project Fear - Yb
Project Fear - brain drilling noise, harsh, cacophonic melodies.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 9,180
[audio][ffs111] Disthroned Agony - Grabbed in the Dirty - Disthroned Agony
It's part of a four part series that is focused on no input mixer feedback.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 786
[audio][ffs09] Antihuman - Teenager Prostitute - Antihuman

Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 2,054
[audio][ffs10] Eye - Human's Brain - Eye
"Human's Brain" is the first release of the Eye project from Krakow. The main intention of release is: the human - a destructive puppet in the hands of someone above.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 623
[audio][ffs82] Yb - Down The Line - Yb

Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 3,097
[audio][ffs71] Yb - Trash Noise - Yb

Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 9,088
[audio][ffs22] Eye - Effects - Eye
The new album of Eye represents particual point of view of its author about human's behaviour and effects of its destructive existence. These factors have to cause the overall annihilation and elimination of the weak tissue. Eye continues the style known from the first album, successively diversifies it.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 5,406
[audio][ffs45] Ironlung - Paradise Lost Revisited - Ironlung
Revised version of previous Ironlung album. Much shorter but still agressive.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 651
[audio][ffs61] Ironlung - Respiration: The Rhythm Session - Ironlung
This Ironlung release is focused mainly on rhythmic sequences - drum loops, rhythmic tracks used in soundpool and then recycled into their final shape - rhythmic noise. The author thinks that it is his most accessible work to date - he would even say - a killer. The coverart by Florent Bec [www.fouture.free.fr]
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 1,950
[audio][ffs30] Pi - Zwierze=Maszyna - Pi
From the artist: A little schizotic and strange music coming from the dark corners of my mind. While creating the record I wanted to achieve the atmosphere of fear, but I don't know if I managed to do it?
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 9,693
[audio][ffs96] Disthroned Agony - Saigyo Urusai Oishii - Disthroned Agony
DA is a noise project of a guy behind NORTHAMERICANHARDCORE. According to author, Saigyo Urusai Oishii allows you to get brainmolesting pleasure.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 14,773
[audio][ffs83] DJ RedSkeye - Irony and Punishment - DJ RedSkeye

Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 1,539 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][ffs93] .Excyd - Untitled - .Excyd
From the artist: Niggers-racists, occupied East, parodies, mass-media, zombies, reality shows, left urban villages, falling in concrete boxes, tornados, floods, crisises, conflicts, defaults, steadily decreasing economy, puppet government, forgotten American oil in Iraq, diamonds, high ways, forest felling, ozone holes, outlet uranium-238 deposits of the Soviet times, U.N.O. expansion, base for seizure of Russia, the crisis of national self-conceit, Russian "Russianness", tramps, life under the ...
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 2,146
[audio][ffs139] p-rcln.spn - demo - p-rcln.spn
p-rcl.spn - demo noise from Poland
Keywords: noise; guitar noise
Downloads: 1,140
[audio][ffs113] soundZcapa - melting feb - soundZcapa
Melting Feb - a short, hypnotic noise ep.
Keywords: Noise; Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 775
[audio][ffs29] Noisebleed - The Message For The World - Noisebleed
From the artist: All that you need to know about the ideological context of the release is contained in the gesture illustrated on the front cover. Musically, "The message..." is various kinds of noise - pure sound torture, industrial DHC with vocals and even the cold ambient. Most of the tracks are results of spontainous recordings and contain a lot of improvisation.
Keywords: Noise; Power Noise
Downloads: 6,850
[audio][ffs90] Artist Formerly Known As DJ RedSkeye - The Logarithm - DJ RedSkeye

Keywords: Noise; Pure Noise
Downloads: 5,653 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][ffs95] Sprog (feat. Hyena) - Civilites - Sprog
From the artist: This little piece of urban poetry is based on common roots and interests in music between Sprog and Hyena, inside you will find: some fun, noize, french lyrics (sorry for the rest of the world), tortured guitars, noize, female vocals (yeah!), noize again, dark feelings, love for humanity, and of course a touch of punk, oi! The first song: nOI!ze is a cover from the last resorts song, so don't panic if you hear the word: "skinhead"...
Keywords: Power Noise; Electro-Noise
Downloads: 4,036
[audio][ffs101] Jake Vida - Heavy Lungs - Jake Vida
Rec on Aug 13 2006 at home. All done in one take, no overdubs. Used various pedals, tapes, mixer, and microphones, etc.
Keywords: Harsh noise
Downloads: 778 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][ffs60] Antihuman - Genocide - Antihuman
From the artist: Not one, not a ten, not hundred, not a thousend nor even a million, at least a billion but i would prefer putting six billions into the gas chambers. Read my lips human - G E N O C I D E!
Keywords: Harsh noise
Downloads: 19,519
[audio][ffs119] Ironlung - Elsewhere - Ironlung
Experimental/noise ep from polish Ironlung, full of short dynamic tracks.
Keywords: experimental; noise
Downloads: 2,064 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][ffs89] Damno Te - The Wizards Birthday - Damno Te

Keywords: Harsh noise
Downloads: 6,158
[audio][ffs112] DCLXVI - Nineteen Seventy Nine - DCLXVI
A short biographical look at a fictional dictator and the constant struggle between him and his alter ego. Created using: Reaktor & Sound Forge.
Keywords: Ambient Noise
Downloads: 3,339
[audio][ffs15] Noisebleed - Suicide - Noisebleed
From the artist: Twenty minutes of power noise. I recorded these songs in July and August 2005. Though each of them is self-contained, when you put them together they seem to me to be well reflecting the nature of title suicide or destruction on the whole. On the other hand - there's always possibility you could hear something completely different, like the common noise. It doesn't matter.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 636
[audio][ffs59] Neverberated - Tiredness - Neverberated
Tiredness is Neverberated's second album produced during the autumn of 2005. Each track is a result of complete destruction of some projects' albums.
Keywords: Harsh noise
Downloads: 10,435
[audio][ffs42] Pi - Ludzkosc Dazy Do Samozaglady - Pi
Apocalyptic dark industrial/noise album.
Keywords: Industrial Noise
Downloads: 10,186
[audio][ffs72] Noisebleed - God Is Dead. Viva La Tumulte! - Noisebleed
Recorded in the beginning of 2006. Rhythmic industrial, noise and a little chippy sometimes.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 646
[audio][ffs64] Sprog - Auto-Discipline (EP) - Sprog
From the artist: Auto-Discipline is the first EP of the Sprog project, the previous productions seemed a bit too diverse, and didn't have the same "in-your-face" core. I had to wait long time, more perseverance and discipline to say: ok, I have my own sound. This album was born in atmosphere of tension (national and international), and I think it's the product of hostility & violence that we know recurrently in modern city, that's why it looks loud, hard, and pessimist a little bit...
Keywords: Power Noise
Downloads: 1,413 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][ffs105] Disthroned Agony - The Private Pleasures Of William Bennett - Disthroned Agony

Keywords: Harsh noise
Downloads: 595
[audio][ffs78] Konemessias - Massapsykoosi - Konemessias

Keywords: Harsh Noise
Downloads: 4,075
[audio][ffs131] Oersted - Perfect Monochrome - Oersted
New raw harsh EP by japanese project Oersted.
Keywords: Harsh Noise
Downloads: 3,838
[audio][ffs107] Neverberated - Esacdevlosnu - Neverberated
The Part I of the Semihuman trilogy.
Keywords: Harsh Noise
Downloads: 589
[audio][ffs116] Roberto Maldoror Manfredini & soundZcapa - ZcapaecaZ - Roberto Maldoror Manfredini & soundZcapa
From the artists: Collaboration with the great hungarian electro-master soundZcapa. We remix some of our songs and make new tracks based on destructuration of industrial rhythmics.
Keywords: industrial; noise
Downloads: 10,650 (1 review)
[audio][ffs132] mikrodepresja - l14l15l3.3.30ll3.40ll - mikrodepresja
Ssstatic rrraw digital noise.
Keywords: digital noise
Downloads: 756
[audio][ffs134] C.A.Sinclair - Grauer Schnee - C.A.Sinclair
Christopher Sinclair from Vienna, Austria. All the sounds were produced with a Gameboy and then processed live through a Kaoss Pad, a mixer and a laptop. The result is low bass pulses, clipping noise and bleeps, with some buried beats
Keywords: noise; chipnoise
Downloads: 544
[audio][ffs115] high life vs. disthroned agony - deconstruction - high life vs. disthroned agony
VS album between High Life & Disthroned Agony. You love noise? Grab it!
Keywords: noise; harshnoise
Downloads: 665
[audio][ffs27] H5N1 - Jungle Of Ghosts - H5N1
"Jungle of Ghosts" is a concept-album based on the Kong Su-Chang's movie "R-Point" which describes the events that took place in the year 1972 in the Romeo Point and which never had been explained and the place claimed itself over 650 victims who dissapeared in very misterious circumstances. "Jungle of Ghosts" is a story about the place in which dead people live till eternity. There is no way back from here, the one who shed blood of another one will never come back.
Keywords: Experimental; Noise
Downloads: 3,400
[audio][ffs36] Various Artists - Far From Music - Various Artists
"Far From Music" is our first compilation. Each track was exclusively made for this release. Inside you'll find various genres of noise music.
Keywords: Noise; Power noise; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 2,528
[audio][ffs51] Retrovirus - BTK - Retrovirus
First album of Retrovirus. Noise soundtrack dedicated to the "work" of BTK. An attempt to visualise, with the help of sound, the impulses commanding the action. Bind [them] represents the beginning, the steady and quiet beat giving merly an image of what time will bring, the victim still hopes that it's just a bad dream. Torture [them] is the new stage of acquaintance, the joy of unfettered creative work...
Keywords: Harsh noise; Lo-fi Noise
Downloads: 3,245
[audio][ffs75] Neverberated / Retrovirus - Rivers of Sperm - Neverberated, Retrovirus
Sewage of mind. The seamy side of a dreamer's life. Represented by two noiseheads - Never (from Russia) and Retro (from Poland).
Keywords: Harsh Noise; Walls of Noise
Downloads: 20,216
[audio][ffs127] DEAD#339 - Dead - DEAD#339
From the artist: Industrial machine sounds, horror movie samples, screeches, and gloomy irritating noises compose the harmony that I produce. Each track is dismal, downward, and harsh that escorts the listener down a path from which none can truly revisit from. The background is cluttered with horror and slowly a new eerie sample is added until the chaos controls all.
Keywords: rhythmic noise; industrial; power noise; distorted techno
Downloads: 2,765
[audio][ffs136] Globoscuro - Research - Globoscuro
Technocratic conspiracies, malignant scientific researches, unforseen effects. Globoscuro give us a view of the future, and it's like a bad science fiction movie.
Keywords: ambient; industrial; noise
Downloads: 2,329 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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